Want to learn to build web and mobile applications?

Learn computer science principles and basic web and mobile application development in our Saturday sessions.

Follow lesson plans, download quizes and assignments, and find programming resources for class here!


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Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers will learn to build apps for mobile devices using the React Native framework. more coming soon...

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Intro to Web Development

This will offer students new to programming and introduction to concepts of programming and web development. Students will build basic web applications in PHP, using HTML and Javascript.  more …

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AP Web Development

Advanced students, with experience in coding and web development, will expand their knowledge with the goal of competing in the annual High School Coding Competition. more coming soon...

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Latest Entries

February 15, 2020: Basic HTML

Now that we have our local development environments set up, and have installed Atom (or another IDE), we can begin creating our own web pages in our local envrironment!

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Written by Jamie Kohns on Tuesday February 11, 2020